I love lace! It is so cute and fun. Lace tops, skirts, dresses, and shorts are all too amazing! I love cute dresses with punky boots or leather jackets.

back lace dress black sheer lace dress blue lace dress blue lace pencil skirt lace  body con dress lace and pink blazer dress orange lace skirt turquoise sheer lace top

Lace Illusion Maxi Skirt American Rag Macy'sAmerican Rag Lace Illusion Maxi Skirt Macy'sAmerican Rag Lace Illusion Maxi Skirt Macy'sAmerican Rag Lace Illusion Maxi Skirt Macy'stucked in lacelance and bustierfront and backlong sleeve and tank toptights and skirts


Don’t You Wish It Was Summer?!

In the summer I always need tons of amazing swim suits! I love neon colors and prints! I love retro styles, they are fun and flirty and great for your figure!

topshop 1 topshop 3 topshop 4 topshop 5 topshop 6 topshop 7 topshop 8 topshop 9 topshop 10 topshop 11 topshop 12

hight fashion runway suits

black tribal patterned suit blue daisy suit pink bow suit red two piece sailor one piece sailor suit strapless striped suit

stripped retro suit

Jean Highwaisted Shorts

I love high waisted shorts, whether they are neat and tight or ripped and baggy! The studs and the colors just add to the fun! They are amazing in the summer with fun tees and big sunglasses or in the fall with a sweater, tights, and boots. DIY and get a cheap pair of highwaisted shorts or jeans at a consignment store, use a cheese grater or sand paper and rip them a little, use bleach or fabric dye or even fabric paint to add a little flare. You can bedazile and studd them too!

bow pocket high waisted shorts

carpeted black high waisted shorts cuffed ripped high waisted shorts daisy high waisted shorts flag high waisted shorts front and back high waisted shorts half and half high waisted shorts hanged high waisted shorts lace high waisted shorts layered high waisted shorts orange studded high waisted shorts pink sweater high waisted shorts rainbow high waisted shorts rainbow studded high waisted shorts ripped cuffed high waisted shorts studded but high waisted shorts

Perfect Party Dress For the Holidays!

3...6...8...The holidays are coming up and with all the parties you need to look amazing! My favorite dresses for the holidays, especially New Years, are sequine/sparkled and lace dresses. Tank-top style plays down the dress to make it more fun and party like. The short length and loose fit also make the dress more fun and veer away from the typical “slutty” dress. If you go for a tight dress have it be high necked or long sleeved to prevent yourself from being “slutty”. Sheer panneling is also very fun but make sure they are not too revealing. To play down a fancier dress pair it with a leather jacket, for a fun edgier look. Have killer pumps and clutches to accesorize. Bold accesories are always a must!



Dr Martens


I LOVE Dr Martens! They are soo cute and comfortable. There are so many colors and styles you will be sure to find the perfect one For every occasion! On the very tipy-top of my Christmas list are the 8-eye boots in light pink!




Rain Boots

Some of my favorite shoes are Doc Martens, they are stylish and soo comfortable. They have come out with some really cute lace up rain boots that resemble the same 8-eye boots but in rain boot material! They are came out with more traditionally styled rain boots.