You can express so much about you with your nails, you can match them with your outfit, you can match them with the season or holiday!

These nails are very fall fancy.                                   

They are great for that sweet colorful fall look.

                                                These nails are great for thanksgiving and just fun for fall! All you need are a few shades of orange, some white, a sponge and a nail polish pen. Sponge on the white and oranges to get the soft fall foliage kind of look and delicately draw the tree on with a nail pen.                                                     



                                              These adorable turkey nails are perfect for thanksgiving! These can be achieved with nail polish pens, googly eyes and PATIENCE!

  These penguin nails are just the thing for cold weather. They are super cute and super easy! It’s time to start getting ready for winter and these are just the thing to start you off.

These nails are cold weather perfect! This cold as ice look is great for winter time.

                                        These winter kissed nails are simple and artsy.


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