I Wish I Knew…

There are soo many things I that I wish I knew when I first started this blog. If I knew these things, it would help my blog reach more viewers, therefore making it and me more succesful. The list goes on and on with “shoudla, coulda, woulda’s” and “if only I knew’s.”

1. Looked at other blogs for inspiration and ideas

2. Liked and followed blogs to help my blog get known

3. Posted routinely, keeping my viewers interested and hooked

4. Lengthened posts

5. Made each post more personal and therefore relatable

6. Incorporated pictures and videos to make posts more interesting than just a paraghraph of text

7. Vary the format from post to post

8. Have sequel post or posts that require you to use the same subject each day (five day challenge, etc.)

9. Have more posts that interact with other blogs

I am still striving to accomplish all of these, but so far I have managed to do some of them 🙂




4 thoughts on “I Wish I Knew…

  1. It’s mad how even now I’m still figuring basic things out, like discovering that I actually had comments to my post waiting to be approved in my SPAM!!! I discovered them yesterday that had been there for weeks! I guess that aslong as we keep on going all of our should woulda couldas will turn into what WE WILL do & our blogs will eventually be just as successful as a lot of blogs out there!!

    Good Luck : )

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