I am a total shoe fiend. I love shoes of all styles. They can make or brake an outfit. I am not the loudest dresser, but I love bright and outthere shoes! One of my absolute favorite style of shoe is a bootie. They are soo cute and can be worn in any season! They come in wedges or stilettos and are AMAZING!

I love these because they are a neutral color and can be worn with almost anything, from jeans and a tee or an amazing dress! I also love the laces, they add a cute touch.




I love the buckle! It gives it a little edge without being over the top. I love the mix of grey and brown, which makes the show more versatile because you can wear it with so many things.





I love cheetah print. It is extremely sexy and a little bit edgy. The sky-high heels just add to the craze.





I am obsessed with this color. It is soo bright and eye catching. People will be starring at you and admiring your amazing shoes! I am usually not a big fan of fringe, but in this case it rocks!





I love the fur, it adds a cozy vibe and makes it the perfect winter shoe!






Pink is your typical girly color, but in this case it isn’t. I love wearing girly clothes but then also having edgy more rocker pieces. Because this shoe is HOT pink, leather, and the style is edgy it int’s extremely girly, which makes it ten times more fabulous!






 I love this color, it is so fun! The studs make this shoe so much more fun. It too is girly and edgy.






I love these booties. The tribal pattern and peep-toe add a cool look that you can pair with anything.









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