It’s aBOOT time for fall!

So it’s that time of year again for BOOTS!!!!!! There are so many kinds of boots the options are almost endless!

Fuzzy and warm boots:

Of course there are always Uggs but they are so expensive! try Bearpaws. They are just as good! They use real  shear ling and have so many styles! 
There are so many fun colors to try! browse and find the one that’s for you.     There are also lots of fun                styles to try!

Some other cold whether shoes are moccasins! They are like slippers for the outdoors and they are so cute!

There are many options for moccasins. Some are intracatley beaded and some are very simple, find the style that works for you.

Other boots you might want to try are just fun boots that are great to have!

These boots are very practical  and very fun, you can do

so many things with them!

Well here are some boots that I really love. There are so many kinds of boots and these are just some ideas i hope you find some that you love too.


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