How To’s and Preparations

1. Date– If you don’t know what you are doing on this date, go dressy but casual. Wear a fun skirt or dress and pair it with sandals or boots and play it down with your accessories. For your makeup don’t go to heavy with blacks and smokey eyes, but go for peach cheeks, soft lips, and eyeshadow that accents your eyes, with simple liner and mascara. Wear your hair down and style it in soft long waves.

2. Party

Bat/Bar Mitzvah~ If you go to the service be sure to be formal and conservative. Wear a cute season appropriate dress and flats, sandals, or little heels. Over your dress wear a cute cardigan. Wear light makeup like mascara, light blush, and tinted lip-balm. For the party, depending on where it is held and the expectations, wear a fun party dress like a body-con. Wear fun flats, sandals and heels. Add some style with accessories like big earrings, necklaces and headbands. Wear more makeup and feel free to do smokey eyes and bright lips!



-Respective: Wear a cute dress and sandals or flats with a cardigan. Stray from chunky jewelry and bright makeup. Wear your hair down, in a braid, or in a bun.

-Non-Respective: Body-cons and minis are acceptable! Have fun and wear heals! But make sure you can last all night in them. Wear more vibrant jewelry and makeup.

-Casual: Wear casual skirts, jeans, or shorts, tennis shoes or casual sandals, and tee shirts or tank-tops. Be cute fun, and girly!

3. School– Take chances and wear what you want! Wear skirts and boots or jeans and a tee! Just don’t go to fancy! Enjoy the freedom.


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