What Should I BOO For Halloween?

As a teenager, you don’t want to have a lame costume! Here are some fun, flirty, girly costumes! You can get awesome costumes at party stores like Party City or more original costumes at thrift stores or your, your friend’s or your family member’s closets!

1. Sailor- you can either wear a store-bought costume, remember that they will always be a little more sexy, or a homemade one. You can sew something of your own or wear a red and white striped tee,  high-waisted shorts and a sailor hat.

2. Fairy or Princess

3. Characters form your favorite movie or reality show- examples: Snooki, Regina George, etc.

4. Your favorite singer- Katy Perry, Lady Gaga

5.  Cute animals- buy a costume or you can wear footie pajamas and paint your face.

6. Doll

7. Cat woman or black cat- wear kitty ears, paint on whiskers and wear lots of black leather

8. Devil or Angle

9. Girly Pirate

10. Cheerleader

11. Indian

12. Mermaid

13. Superhero or supervillian- wonderwoman or catwoman(7.)

14. Flapper

15. Hippy

16. 80’s aerobics teacher

17. Disney character

18. Bee, lady bug, or butterfly

19. Career costumes: examples- police officers, fire fighters, or referees


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