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I started a new blog. I have kinda given up on Girl Necessities. I’m not very happy with my old blog and so my new one represents me more. Follow my new blog and my corresponding Instagram allmyloveinvain. Thanks!



I love jeans! When they are colored, striped, or polka dotted they can spice up a plain, everyday outfit. You can wear them with a white t-shirt and cute shoes and make your casual look more fun and put together, not like you got up and grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt. High waisted, stiped jeans are so slimming. They draw out your legs and make you long and lean!

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Skulls, Roses, and Crosses

I love all of these! I have an edgier style with a hint of girliness. Pacsun is pushing away from their traditional beachy/surfer clothes and straying to the edgier darker side. I scored these great leggings for $10! One pair were black with white outlined roses and skulls. The other pair were black with a white design. I love to pair graphic shirts with the leggings and a pair of black combat boots. Pacsun also carriers skulled and crossed shirts that are super cute! 


Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne

These names should not be unrecognized. These models are amazing and always look effortlessly put together. They both have an edgy/girly look. They don’t just have to be strutting on the runway to look fabulous. I am totally inspired by their personal styles. I want to embody them through my style and strive to be like them.


Black & White

Black and white is very simple, yet very memorable. I love how designers are adding their own twists to this iconic look. I love to accessorize with colored heels, bags, jewelry, and makeup!



Fun Colored Hair

I love the colored hair trend! Pastels are great for spring.  I myself bore the pink dip-dyed look for a couple of weeks. Splat! hair dye is great. It has hair chalk and temporary dyes for those who want to test out the daring look, and also permanent dye for those brave few. Many stars and models have rocked the look out and about as well as on the runway for designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Peter Som. Helen Mirren and Lauren Conrad sport(ed) the trend. 


Summers In The Air and Baby Heavens In Your Eyes (except its spring)

I am in love with spring! I am so excited for the trends. The makeup, nails, clothes! I gotta have it all! I recently discovered my love for Essie nail polish. They have amazing colors for spring; light blue, peach, mint green, lavender, baby pink and the great thing is that they are all carried at CVS!!! I am also loving the bright lip colors. Maybelline is perfect for spring with products like Baby Lips, Color Sensational Vivid Lipcolor, Dream Bouncy Blush, Color Tattoo Metal, and Master Precise Eyeliner. I absolutely love Neutrogena’s Shimmer Sheers for cheeks, eyes, and lips. I personally only use it on my cheeks and eyes. The shimmery pink blends into your cheeks and perfectly highlights them. Victoria’s Secret Rockin’ Body Perfecting Shimmer Glow Body Shimmer is perfect to give you that faux summer glow. It’s not the best quality, but it works wonders. I love the bambie/dough eyes. The look is very innocent and light, perfect for spring! I like a more natural look, either accentuating the eyes with nude lips, or accentuating the lips with simple eyes.

bambie eyes

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With prom coming up, I can’t help but think about the dresses! I watch in the waiting as the boys think of romantic ways to ask the girls and the girls frantically shop for dresses. As an underclassmen, I myself am not allowed to go, but I sit and wonder what my future dress will look like. All I know is that it will be way too hard to pick just one! Who knows what the style will be in a couple of years? Anyway as I see my sister and her friends shop for dresses, I too look and the dresses, which will be mine? I am personally very particular about my clothes and my style, which is a little rocker and a little girly chic. I make one exception, dresses. I am still picky but not about the style of dress. I don’t care if it “fits” my personality and everyday style.

There are so many different prom dress styles. You can go for the princess fluffy, or the Jessica Rabbit sleek. Color, gems, length, lace, straps, cutouts! There are so many things to consider when buying a dress. The problem with prom dresses is that they can be tacky and look cheap. Simpler is better, but if it’s too simple it can stray from “prom dress” and look too generic, and like every other dress. But in the end, all that really matters is whether pr not you like it and if it makes you feel beautiful and confident.

I was recently at my new favorite store, Ambiance, in San Francisco. The store has so many different styles of clothes and for so many different ? occasions, you will undoubtedly find your perfect match, you’re on true love. But will the glass slipper fitImage  ambianceImageImageImageImageImageImageImage